Hybrid Descriptions

GEI 9700

Hybrid description:

  • Very good yield for maturity
  • Early flowering
  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Good tolerance to heat
  • Fast dry down
  • Excellent agronomic package
  • Wide area of adaptation

GEI 9700 Cornseed


GEI 9700-2 Waxy

    RM 105-110

Hybrid description:

  • Good yield for maturity
  • Good yield stability
  • Medium/Tall plant
  • Good husk cover
  • Good disease tolerance
  • Good agronomics


Waxy Corn (High Amylopectin)

From 97% to 100% of the endosperm starch in this grain is amylopectin. This starch has a high viscosity and a high gelatinization point, properties which are desirable in the making of good quality starch additives in the food industry.

GEI 9999

Hybrid description:

  • Excellent spring vigor
  • Medium tall hybrid with medium ear height
  • Strong roots and stalks
  • Medium to large girth ears
  • Deep kernels, medium to soft texture
  • Indeterminate ear growth
  • Medium to short husk cover
  • Very good disease and stress tolerance
  • Excellent yield for maturity
  • Duel purpose – grain and silage



Area of adaptation

RM 102 Northern Corn Belt

RM 110 Central Corn Belt

Protein 8.7%

Starch 72.1%

Oil 4.1%

Density 1.27

GEI 9998

Hybrid description:

  • Excellent yield record
  • Good yield stability
  • Strong silker
  • Good tolerance to heat
  • Good ear size
  • Medium tall hybrid
  • Very good disease and stress tolerance
  • Performs well at medium to high populations